POLL: Did James Comey SCREW Us and Should He Be REMOVED?

Published on July 6, 2016


James Comey is under fire for allowing Hillary to get away with another one of her scandals. Do you think that he has screwed America and should be removed? Or do you think that he was only doing his job and being fair? Vote below!

According to Trump:

Trump said on a half-dozen occasions that Clinton had ‘lied’ to the American people.

‘We now know that she lied to the country when she said she did not send classified information on her server,’ Trump blasted. ‘She lied!’

‘She sent vast amounts of classified information, including information classified as Top Secret. Top Secret!’

Clinton is ‘grossly incompetent,’ he claimed. ‘She would be such a lousy president, folks.’

Trump appeared at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh, North Carolina, a modernist theatre that seats about 2,200 – a smallish crowd by Trump standards.

He said he ‘always thought Hillary Clinton would escape charges for her dangerous and criminal behavior,’ explaining that ‘our system is totally rigged’ in favor of powerful plutocrats.

‘It’s corrupt, it’s rigged, it’s disgraceful,’ he said, renewing a well-worn campaign theme and pledging that he would reverse the country’s course and – unlike Clinton – take the government’s thumb off the scale.

‘Hillary can’t keep her emails safe. And you know what, folks? She sure as hell can’t keep our country safe,’ he sniffed.

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