The P*SSY Who Got ‘PTSD’ Firing An AR-15 Wants THIS Patriotic Song ‘Banned’

Remember the idiot who claimed that he got PTSD from firing an AR-15? Well, now he’s wanting to ban this patriotic song that Americans have been singing for years. Check out this column that he just wrote for the NY Daily News:

“God Bless America” is as divisive as American politics: Kaskowitz’s research found that 83.8% of people who described themselves as “very liberal” dislike the song, while only 20.5% of people who called themselves “very conservative” have a problem with it. And more than 88% of atheists dislike the song, Kaskowitz found. (Quick aside: We atheists also hate having “In God we Trust” on the currency and in the courtrooms of a country whose Constitution bars the “establishment of religion” — but that’s a fight for another day.).

The song also offends:

* Believers!: Charlie Pillsbury once ran for Congress as a Green Party candidate and one of his issues was his objection to “God Bless America.” “God shows no partiality towards nations,” he said. “God blesses the whole world.”

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* Foreigners!: I once went to a Brooklyn Cyclones game with a British guy named James Silver, who smiled when “God Bless America” was being played. “It’s exactly what I expect from Americans,” he said. “The self-righteousness, the patriotism. It’s always nice to see my opinions confirmed.”

* Woody Guthrie!: In response to “God Bless America,” the great folk singer wrote “This Land Is Your Land,” which offers the flip side of Berlin’s blind optimism: “By the relief office, I saw my people/As they stood there hungry, I stood there wondering/If God blessed America for me.”

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