Psychologists Believe THIS Could Be The Reason You’re Repulsed by Hillary — Is It TRUE?

Published on July 27, 2016

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There may now be a scientific reason to why you’re often repulsed by Hillary when you see her face or hear her shouting on TV.

Do you find her repulsive? Psychologists think they know why you do:

  • Trump’s supporters are won over by his emotionally-charged behavior 
  • Even Hillary’s fans ‘will be naturally turned off by her calculated attitude’
  • Two Yale psychologists explain why we find this kind of character difficult
  • ‘You trust a friend who helps you no questions asked, not one who weighs up all the pros and cons while tracking what you owe,’ they explain

Research, including new work from our Human Cooperation Laboratory at Yale, suggests Trump may be successful precisely because of his hotheadedness and lack of carefully thought-out proposals.

Being seen as uncalculating can make people trust you.

Hillary Clinton is the opposite of hotheaded.

She is careful and calculating – which, despite being a strong asset in actually carrying out the duties of public office, has become a liability in her presidential campaign by undermining the public’s trust in her.

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