QUESTION: Why Is Hillary, ‘The Most Qualified Candidate Ever’, HIDING From The Press?

Published on July 28, 2016

Have they learned nothing from the DNC Wikileaks scandal? Hillary still thinks it’s the media’s job is to hand her the election. Check out her campaign manager’s reaction when they ask if Hillary will do any press conferences before November.

PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager can’t guarantee that the Democratic presidential nominee will hold a press conference between now and the presidential election and laughed off questions about why she doesn’t gather with reporters.

Speaking at a luncheon hosted by The Wall Street Journal, campaign manager Robby Mook burst out laughing when asked if Clinton would hold court with members of the media before Election Day.

“We’ll see,” he said.

When Washington Post editorial board editor Ruth Marcus asked if the press conference blackout would continue into a Clinton administration, Mook again laughed it off.

“I will not speculate about anything after the election because I’ll be on vacation,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Trump is once again doing the media’s job for them. This time, he is calling Hillary out for avoiding press conferences.

“So ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much,” Trump said at the end of an approximately hour-long news conference held at his resort in Doral. “I think it’s time for Hillary Clinton to do a news conference because it’s been almost a year now. And it would be interesting to see how she does.”

It has been 235 days since Clinton last held a press conference.

Instead, the former secretary of state has opted to dole out one-on-one interviews with various members of the media.

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