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QUESTION: Muslim Jumps On BAR In Restaurant, Starts Screaming About ALLAH, Would You SHOOT Him?

This Muslim is lucky he didn’t try to pull this stunt in Texas — where there would have been no hesitation to shoot him. What would you have done if you saw this happened while you were eating dinner?

CALDWELL – Customers at the Horsewood’s Restaurant in Caldwell were panicked Friday night after a drunk man got up on the bar and “praised Allah as the only god.”

The incident happened at around 8:15 p.m. Friday night, according to Caldwell Police.

Lt. Joey Hoadley tells KTVB that officers were on scene less than two minutes after receiving the call.

Horsewood’s owners, Jessie and Aaron Horsewood, explain the event as surreal. They say the young man had been sitting in the bar for awhile when he suddenly climbed up on top of the bar, told everyone to be quiet, and yelled, “Allah is the only one true god.”

The Horsewoods say customers immediately bolted out, running to every door in the restaurant.

“It was surreal,” Jessie Horsewood said. “There were purses left on chairs, cell phones left on tables.”

They say Bell was wearing a backpack and it worried customers that he was carrying a weapon.

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