QUESTION: Is Obama The MOST Anti-Police President EVER?

Published on July 13, 2016


Do you think that Obama has been the most anti-police President that American has ever had? Or do you think that he has always stood by law enforcement officers?

Sheriff David Clarke had the perfect advice for Obama when it comes to speaking out about the racial tensions in America: “Shut up.”

“He should say nothing. Every time he opens his mouth he fans the flames of anti-police sentiment that is sweeping the country in these urban centers. He reminds me of a pyromaniac who sets a fire then calls 911 for the fire department and then returns to the scene to watch the fire department try to put out the fire.

The best thing he can do is stop talking. Let these things be handled at the local level. The media is going to do enough fanning the flames and creating drama. He doesn’t need to add to it. I am going to continue to fight and resist and push back against this anti-cop president.”

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