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QUESTION: If YOU Were A Terrorist, Would You Want TRUMP Or HILLARY In The White House?

If you were a terrorist, would you prefer to have Hillary or Trump in the White House? Trump has some strong words for Islamic terrorists who want to do harm to America. Hillary, not so much.

In the wake of the attack in Nice, France on Thursday, Donald Trump told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, “This is war.”

O’Reilly said, “I believe it’s a world war now. We are in a world war scenario. It’s no longer just isolated ISIS attacks. Do you agree with that?”

“I certainly do,” Trump replied. “And I’ve been saying it for a long time. It’s out of control. We have a president that doesn’t want to call it what it is. And you know you look at World Trade Center, you look at San Bernardino, you look at Paris, 130 people killed and so many injured in Paris from that attack, and you look at Orlando. It’s out of control. And Bill, unless we get strong and really strong and very, very smart leadership, it’s only going to get worse.”

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Hillary on the other hands, would be more sympathetic to Muslims, according to this:

On Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the American woman most responsible for the current refugee crisis in the Middle East, blasted Republicans for not wanting to accept unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees in the aftermath of last week’s Paris terror attacks.

This, to be sure, is odd. Hillary decrying hateful rhetoric smacks of irony – she despises Republicans so much that she labeled them her enemies during the first Demoratic debate. Furthermore, Hillary is no fighter for religious freedom. In April, she told the Women in the World Summit that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” to allow for abortion. And in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s egregious same-sex marriage decision in June, Hillary explicitly called for the government to force churches to sanction homosexuality, explaining, “Our work won’t be finished until every American can not only marry, but live, work, pray, learn and raise a family free from discrimination and prejudice.” Pray – as in attend church “free from discrimination and prejudice.”

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