QUESTION: Should Trump TROUNCE Hillary In The Debates Or Should He Play NICE?

Published on July 20, 2016

Hillary and Trump will officially face off in a general election debate that will take place in New York. Do you want to see Trump trounce her? Or do you think that he should play nice and be more reserved?

The first presidential general election debate is moving to New York after an Ohio college withdrew as host, citing rising security concerns and costs.

It means Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will clash in their home state when they first

Wright State University’s president David Hopkins said Tuesday that the school in Dayton has a large, open campus and there has been growing concern about what it would take to ‘guarantee the safety and security’ of the school and surrounding community for the September 26 debate.

Wright State University President David Hopkins said the Dayton-area school has a large, open campus and questions about the ability to protect the campus and suburban community during the September 26 debate led to a decision that had ‘weighed heavily’ on him.

Recent days have seen the mass killings in Nice, France, and police shootings and other violence in this nation and elsewhere.

‘Over the last few weeks, we have had a growing concern about what it would take to guarantee the safety and security … of those on and around our campus,’ Hopkins said. He called the expense to do so ‘daunting.’

The school had earlier said it was spending $5 million to $6 million to put on the debate. Hopkins said the costs with added security could have gotten up to $8 million.

Wright State has some 18,000 students.

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