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QUESTION: Did Trump USE Cruz to Pull Off Unity?

Rush Limbaugh believes he knows the reason why Trump allowed Ted Cruz to go up on stage at the RNC and refuse to endorse him. Do you agree with him — was this planned and was Trump fully aware of what he would say?

Now, the key to all this is what has been reported, that everybody involved knew what Cruz was gonna say and thus everybody knew that Cruz was not gonna endorse.  Now, I have warned everybody time and time again, you cannot judge, analyze, watch this convention through the regular political prism.  In this case, what I mean by that is in a normal convention, that speech would never been allowed.

Ted Cruz, even if he had been invited to give that speech and had submitted that speech to the campaign, and the campaign had seen that speech and discovered that there wasn’t gonna be an endorsement. And, in fact, not only was there not gonna be an endorsement, there was gonna be something maybe even worse, and that was an intimation from Ted Cruz that he might not vote for Donald Trump.

There is no other candidate that would allow that speech to be made. There’s no other candidate that would allow that type of person, that situation, Cruz, to even appear at the convention.  But Trump did.  The Trump campaign — and look, I’m basing all this, just to be clear again, on the fact that everybody’s reporting that everybody knew what Cruz was gonna say, and they let it happen.  And I’m telling you, no way that happens at a George Bush convention, a Bill Clinton convention, a Hillary Clinton convention.

You think the Clintons are gonna allow Bernie Sanders to go up there and say something without knowing word-for-word what he was gonna say?  It would never, ever happen.  And if Bernie Sanders was gonna go out there and not endorse Hillary and be ambiguous about it, you think Hillary’s gonna let him go out there?  There is no way.  They’ll have Elizabeth Warren hijack him on the way to the convention hall and take him to a Burger King or something and keep him tied up for a couple hours so he can never get there.

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