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Two Gay Men Take 10 Month Old Baby Into Care, What Happened Next Will Make You PUKE

What these two men did to a ten month old baby will make you sick to your stomach. What do you think should be the punishment for this heinous crime?

Two men charged with the rape of a ten-month-old baby girl had sex with her and took photographs of her private parts over a three hour period of abuse, police allege.

One of the men is the girl’s father while the other is his boyfriend, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The men, both aged 50, were extradited from Victoria to NSW on Tuesday on multiple child pornography charges after police raids in Victoria uncovered terrabytes of photos and videos.

The raids also uncovered a conversation allegedly between the men planning the abuse, which read: ‘We’re going to go away to play with the baby for a few days… I am hoping that makes me feel better’.

Police allege the pair sexually assaulted the baby girl over a period of three hours at a home near Bathurst in regional NSW on April 19, 2015.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, police said the father’s partner bragged about abusing the baby – who was born in 2014 – over Skype to an associate.

Officers will also allege that in a conversation with an associate two days later, the partner lamented over the fact he and the baby’s father ‘did not have enough time to do everything we wanted’.

In another conversation via Skype, the man also allegedly said he and the baby’s father were going away with the child for a few days, adding: ‘incest turns me on so much’.  

The baby was allegedly in the care of the two men while the child’s mother was out at a training course for a few hours.

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