WATCH: Bull KILLS Bullfighter On Live TV … Animal Activists REJOICE

Published on July 10, 2016

The lunatic animal activists will never cease to shock everyone. After this bullfighter was gored to death, their responses were filled with absolutely no sympathy.

The wife of a top bullfighter looked on in horror as her husband was gored to death during a festival in eastern Span.

 Victor Barrio, 29, from Segovia was fighting in Teruel, Aragon in eastern Spain when the bull speared him through the chest.

His wife, Raquel Sanz, 32, was in the crowd, having organised a group of supporters from their home town to attend the event.

Ms Sanz, who married Barrio in 2014, was said to be ‘devastated’ as she saw her husband lying motionless on the ground, according to El Espanol.

The matador was taken to hospital unconscious but doctors could not do ‘anything’ to resuscitate him and save his life.

He rolled to the ground in a painful somersault after the 87 stone beast caught him while he tried to deflect it with ‘muletazo’ manoeuvre, reports La

It followed a flood of messages from opponents of bullfighting on places like Twitter rejoicing at Victor Barrio’s death.

One, Jona Weinhofen, wrote: ‘He obviously hasn’t heard the saying, “You Mess with the Bull, you get the horns.” Zero sympathy, thank you Karma.’

Barrio, who became a fully-qualified bullfighter in 2012, died moments after being rushed to a field hospital by the side of the bullring after being gored yesterday afternoon.

His death was the first of a matador this century in Spain in a bullring.

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