WATCH: Check Out What CNN Got BUSTED Doing After Hillary’s Speech

Published on July 29, 2016

There is no media bias. That’s just a crazy idea cooked up by conservatives, right? Maybe not.

At the DNC last night, it was party time for the CNN gang! Wine was flowing, and Wolfie got his groove on…

Watch now, bleach your eyes later:

Conservatives have always accused the news media of being in the tank for the Democrats, but their complaints are laughed off by the liberals.

Last night CNN made their bias crystal clear.

Cameras captured CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer and Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger drinking wine and dancing along with Hillary and delegates as balloons fell and music played over the loud speakers after Clinton’s speech ended at the Democratic National Convention.

CNN aired video of the two taking it all in: Blitzer with a glass of white wine in his hand, and Borger cheering, clapping and singing along.

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