WATCH: Megyn Kelly Makes A FOOL Out Of New Black Panther Leader

Published on July 19, 2016

Megyn Kelly went head to head with this Black Panther leader and the results were awesome. Do you think that she made a fool out of him?

The president of Black Lawyers for Justice — who’s a former leader of the New Black Panther Party — told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly she holds a position of “white supremacy, white privilege” and is part of the “white power structure.”

During an interview Monday on “The Kelly File,” Malik Shabazz referenced Michael Brown as a victim of police brutality against black Americans. But Kelly interjected, “Do you understand that at least five black witnesses came forward in that case to say that Michael Brown was the aggressor on Officer Darren Wilson?”

Shabazz replied that Brown was “unarmed.” Then Kelly said he was the “aggressor” because although he was unarmed “he tried to steal the cop’s gun.”

Shabazz said Kelly’s “attitude is part of the problem.”

“I have no attitude but to uphold the truth,” Kelly replied.

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