WATCH: Obama POLITICIZES & Lies About GUNS During #Dallas Police Memorial … Did THIS Offend You?

Obama went to the Memorial service in Dallas for the fallen police officers and did what he does best — politicized it to lie about gun control. Is it offensive to you that our President decided to do this?

President Obama joined the Dallas community Tuesday to honor the memories of the five police officers killed last week by a sniper, saying they “answered the call” to protect fellow Americans who now “are struggling with what we have witnessed.”

“The people of Dallas, people across the country, are suffering,” the president said at a memorial service where George W. Bush and others spoke. “All of us are wounded and suffering.”

The officers were fatally shot Thursday by Micah Johnson, a 25-year-old black Army veteran, purportedly angry about two recent incidents — in Louisiana and Minnesota — in which a police officer fatally shot a black male.

The killings occurred during a protest in downtown Dallas over the Louisiana and Minnesota incidents.

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Here was Michelle Malkin’s reaction to this:

Mark Levin also put Obama on blast:

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