This White House Petition to CHARGE Hillary Reaches 87,000 — Are You WITH Them?

Published on July 6, 2016

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Hillary may have gotten her way with the FBI, but the American people are still not buying it. That’s why this petition has already received almost 87,000 signatures. Do you stand with these Americans in demanding that she be charged for her crimes?

The Petition Reads:

Secretary of State Clinton was in direct violation of the agreement between her and the United States of American outlined on the Standard Form 312, section 4. She sent classified information outside of a server with the classification needed to keep the information she was sending secure. Her actions have created a major security violation and could potentially be used by enemies of the state. This petition is being used to reverse the FBI decision and have HRC charged with all of the aforementioned charges, along with any others that are outlined in the SF 312.

Their goal is reach 100,000. You can sign the petition here

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