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WOW: This Bro Had A GUN, Got Stopped By Cops And It Ended WELL Because He Wasn’t A DICK

According to Tony Hubble on Facebook:

I’ve read other people’s stories on police encounters/stops and I’ve had several in which I had broken the law each time. One in particular is completely relevant.

I was driving my customary 7-9 miles over the speed limit on Hwy 90 driving up to Phoenix for a tournament. It has been my experience that although that is over the speed limit you rarely get stopped unless you’re going 11 over. My S&W .45 is in the door to my left. I prefer it in the center console but only my Ruger .380 fits there. I have practiced reaching over with my right hand and getting to the pistol quickly so I’m comfortable with its position.

Next thing you know, a DPS car, lights flashing shows up behind me. I have no reason to panic. I’m not a criminal, I have no outstanding warrants and the only law I’ve broken at this point is the speed limit. I’m not black but also not white. I’m a nice shade of cinnamon. I slow down and pull over onto the shoulder. I get my license, CCL (which in AZ is no longer required) and registration and lay them on the dash. I put both hands on the wheel. I’ve done this in every traffic stop.

As the officer approaches on the passenger side I look at him and smile. He looks into the window.

DPS: License and registration please?
Me: Good morning sir. (As I hand them to him. Neither of us is apprehensive at this point. He notices the CCL)

DPS: Where is the firearm sir?)
Me: (gesturing with my head) Down in the door.

DPS: (Still relaxed) That’s fine sir, Just do me a favor and don’t reach in that direction.
Me: (Smiling) Don’t worry sir I wont

DPS: Do you know why I stopped you sir?
(I know people say you should just claim ignorance and not give any info willingly but I’ve found the opposite to be more effective)
Me: Because I was going a little fast? (I purposely frame it as a question)

DPS: (smiles) Yes sir you were going 8 miles over the speed limit.
Me: Yes sir I usually will push it to 7 over.

DPS: (smiles) Yes sir I just didn’t want to see you go any faster so you wouldn’t get an expensive speeding ticket
(Obviously that was BS. He stopped me because he could and it was a fishing expedition. I don’t blame him. If you have probable cause you do your job)
Me: Thank you sir.

DPS: Just sit tight while I call check your stuff and I’ll be right back. And please don’t move your weapon.
Me: Don’t worry sir
(Officer goes back to his car and calls in my license and registration. Comes back when it’s all clear)

DPS: Where are you going in such a hurry?
(At this point I could have asserted my rights and got all huffy and told him it was none of his business and if he wasn’t going to give me a ticket than was I free to go. I opted for social conversation)
Me: Heading up to Phoenix for a martial arts tournament.
(Conversation ensues about what I do and how his kids were also in the martial arts)

DPS: Well good luck to you sir. Try not to break any speed limits. You have a long drive ahead of you. (hands me back my stuff)
Me: No worries. And thanks for doing what you do sir.
DPS: Thank you sir.

No anxiety, no huffiness, no ego chest beating. I wont say it was pleasant because no stop is pleasant and it delayed me about 15 minutes. But he went home safe, I made it to my destination and neither one of us made the news. This is pretty much how all my traffic stops have gone. And skin color has nothing to do with any of it.

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