YO, HILLARY: Trump Is WINNING Sanders’ Voters – Here’s WHY

Published on July 26, 2016

Is Hillary feeling the Bern yet? Even though Bernie Sanders openly endorsed Hillary, his supporters are still not ready to do the same. Which is why they continue to turn over to Trump. Check this out…

While chaos ensued at the Democratic National Convention, Donald Trump was campaigning for the votes of disenfranchised Bernie Sanders voters saying that only he was left to fight the establishment.

Pundits on mainstream media outlets mocked Trump for his efforts and endlessly repeated that a Pew Poll showed that 90 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters preferred Clinton to the Republican nominee.

Even though they had a difficult time explaining why so many Bernie voters wouldn’t support Clinton even after Sanders endorsed her.

Of course the shills for Hillary never mention that the poll is an outlier, a YouGov/Economist poll found that only 54 percent of Bernie Bros were backing Clinton and according to the Red Alert Politics millennial polling average the former First Lady fails to break even 50 percent with Gen-Y voters, many of whom backed Sanders.

That’s why exit polls from the Democratic primary showed 62 percent of Sanders supporters in West Virginia said they would cast a ballot for Trump in the fall.

Trump is also playing for Democrat voters that supported Sanders and agree with the Republican nominee on the issue of trade deals — 48 percent of Sanders supporters in Pennsylvania, 45 percent in Ohio, and 56 percent in Michigan believe free trade destroys jobs in America.

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