BOMBSHELL: Bill Reveals SHOCKING Truth About Hillary’s SKETCHY Health

Published on August 24, 2016

Get ready for that famous Hillary temper! She’s going to EXPLODE when she reads what Bill said!

Edward Klein’s book, ‘Unlikable, The Problem with Hillary Clinton’, includes Bill Clinton’s concerns about his wife’s health. Bill goes so far as to say that he thought Hillary was too ill to run for President.

Last year, Clinton was forced to cancel meetings and cut back on campaigning because of her health. She told those around her that her doctors couldn’t find a “definitive problem,” but “Bill believed she was in denial and was ignoring what could be life-threatening symptoms,” Klein wrote.

The former president was so concerned that he asked a cardiologist to review her medical records. After doing so, the physician recommended that the former secretary of state travel with a doctor full time so she could remain under constant supervision.

She apparently would have none of it.

Klein said that Bill Clinton was worried that his wife would fall or stumble at a critical moment during her campaign, giving away the fact that she simply “wasn’t up to” the job of being president. But when he approached her about how campaigning was affecting her health, she allegedly “blew up” at him and said, “You’re acting like a f***ing quitter and loser. You’re projecting your own health problems onto me. I’m not dying.”
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Of course, the Media, Google, Jimmy Kimmel and the Hillary campaign are all dismissing any concern about Hillary’s health as another ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’.

Can BILL’s concerns be so easily dismissed?

Remember, TruePundit has offerd $1 million for Hillary’s health records.

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