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BOOM: Website Offers A Cool $1 Million For Hillary’s MEDICAL Records

It’s another ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’! According to Hillary’s campaign, it’s just more ‘right wing noise’.

Hillary’s health is so questionable that a political website has offered $1,000,000 to anyone who leaks her health records.

After promising a $50,000 dollar reward for Clinton’s health history, has now upped its offer to a cool million.

“As calls for Clinton to release her own records have been ignored and even laughed off by her pompous campaign, True Pundit is now offering an unprecedented reward of $1 Million (One Million Dollars US) for Clinton’s true medical records,” states the website.

The website claims it has assembled a group of individual donors who are willing to put up the money to encourage the release of the records.
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Concern is growing over Clinton’s health as strange behaviours and photos of Hillary having difficulty with her balance continue to emerge.

True Pundit also claims that Hillary’s doctor has been by her side dressed as a member of her Security Detail.

From True Pundit:

Clinton is rumored to be suffering from a plethora of medical ailments, including:

*Post-concussion syndrome
*Parkinson’s Disease
*Brain tumor
*Brain injury
*Complex partial seizures
*Many more alleged ailments

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