BREAKING: NSA ‘Whistle Blower’ Drops A BOMB About Hillary’s DELETED Emails

Published on August 3, 2016

First Wikileaks and now THIS. Hillary REALLY thought those emails were gone…

Maybe she should have wiped them with bleach.

Breitbart’s Aaron Klein interviews William Binney, an NSA whistleblower:

In speaking with Klein, Binney pointed to testimony delivered in March 2011 to the Senate Judiciary Committee by then-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller who said that his agency had access to secret databases in an effort to ‘track down known and suspected terrorists.’

‘Now what [Mueller] is talking about is going into the NSA database, which is shown of course in the [Edward] Snowden material released, which shows a direct access into the NSA database by the FBI and the CIA,’ Binney explained.

‘Which there is no oversight of, by the way,’ he added.

‘So that means that NSA and a number of agencies in the U.S. government also have those emails,’ he said, referencing those that were on Clinton’s homebrew server that she used while secretary of state.

‘So, if the FBI wanted them they can go into the database and get them right now,’ Binney said, meaning both Clinton’s personal emails and emails going in and out of the Democratic National Committee, which got hacked.

Klein asked the original NSA whistleblower if he believed the agency would have copies of ‘all’ of Clinton’s emails, including those that she deleted from the server before turning it over to the FBI, Binney said ‘yes.’

‘That would be my point,’ he said. ‘They have them all and the FBI can get them right there.’
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