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Build The DAMN Wall Already! Ret. Lt General Says Cartels & Terrorists ‘Cutting Deals’

Is ANYONE in Washington LISTENING? How is this not Priority 1? Are you waiting until AFTER people Die?

We keep hearing ‘if it saves only one life’. But it’s always in the context of taking away American gun ownership rights.

This is the same administration that gave us the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal. Which involved giving arms to criminals.

Criminals (in case Obama and Hillary have forgotten) have no problem taking lives.

And now, under the ‘breathtaking’ leadership of the Left, we have the ‘Jayvee’ terrorists now cooperating with the DREAMer Cartels.

Here’s the report:

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), tells Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM that countries that are known to support radical Islamic terrorism are “cutting deals” with Mexican cartels for access to human smuggling routes into the United States.

…I know from my friends in the Border Patrol in CBP that there are… radical Islamist countries, state-sponsored, that are cutting deals with Mexican drug cartels for some of what they call the lanes of entry into our country. And I have personally seen the photos of the signage along those paths that are in Arabic… they’re like way points along that path as you come in. Primarily in this case the one that I saw was in Texas and it’s literally… signs in Arabic… [that say] ‘this way, move to this point’…

…Moreover, the former DIA chief said that the Shiite Lebanese narco-terrorist group Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy, is illegally trafficking humans, drugs, and other contraband into the United States.
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Share if the LEFT puts politics ahead of American lives.

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