CAT FIGHT: Ivanka & Eric Trump MIX IT UP With Megyn Kelly Over ‘SEXUAL Harassment!’

Published on August 2, 2016

Fur flying! Powerful, attractive women square off on the big issue of sexual harassment!

Both Ivanka and Megyn Kelly have made the news this past month — outside the scope of their powerful careers. No surprise, each would has an opinion on sexual harassment. They have weighed in.

Ivanka started the ball rolling:

‘Sexual harassment is never acceptable and we must stand against it,’ wrote Ivanka.

‘At the same time, we must recognize that our coworkers come in all shapes, stripes and sizes. What might be offensive to one person might appear harmless to another.’

Ivanka wrote in the book about often getting catcalled or whistled at when she went to her father’s construction sites, saying that after being told who she was the person would always ‘fall all over himself apologizing.’

‘I’d laugh it off and say it was no big deal,’ wrote Ivanka.

Ivanka’s father spoke about how he would respond if his daughter was harassed at work in an interview last week.

‘I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case,’ Donald told USA Today.

His son Eric was asked to clarify that statement on CBS This Morning Tuesday, and said: ‘I think what he’s saying is, Ivanka is a strong, powerful woman, she wouldn’t allow herself to be objected to it.’

To paraphrase her statement: sexual harassment (using the position to take liberties at the workplace) is a worth standing against. But not every stray comment must rise to the level of an HR complaint.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly responded to this by writing on Twitter: ‘Sigh.’

Strange how Megyn Kelly with a such a high-profile career, built around the use of words and reporting of ideas could only respond with a sigh.

You’d think she’d have something more meaningful or compelling to say considering her own complaints against her own employer waited years after the fact.

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