‘Clock Boy’ Should Change Name To ‘DOUCHE Boy’: Little Dork Is SUING Irving, TX – The Amount Is STAGGERING!

Published on August 9, 2016

That’s ALMOST enough to Ransom the ANOTHER Iranian Hostage…

Never one to shy away from the cameras, Clockboy is back in the spotlight. This time, he’s filing suit against the City of Irving for his “widdle feewings”.


If you’ve forgotten the story, this will bring you up to speed.

1) He was a fourteen-year-old boy detained by police after a tangled mess of wires with a digital readout in a briefcase started beeping in class.

2) There was an instant media firestorm of sympathy about Western Islamophobia — right on cue.

– He got an Invite to the White House
– Praised by Zuckerberg
– Even MIT got in on it

3) It was a hoax.

4) Clockboy’s dad (the one filing suit) is “no stranger to media attention

Now that we’re up to speed, here’s the latest developments:

The lawsuit, filed Monday by Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassen Mohamed, maintains that Ahmed’s civil rights were violated by the Irving Independent School District, MacArthur High School Principal Daniel Cummings and the city of Irving, near Dallas.

The suit said Ahmed’s rights were “violated in contravention of the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments” of the U.S. Constitution. It cites “a clear pattern of discrimination based upon race as well as discrimination based upon religion” in the school district.

The suit also says the state of Texas, including the school district, “has a history of discrimination against Muslims in Texas curriculum and schools.”

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