Published on August 10, 2016

Hey, CNN, gun-owners are NOT assassins for hire! If you listened to Trump’s speech instead of spinning it, you’d get it…

Gun owners are seen as violent, potential criminals, not a legitimate voting block wanting to maintain Constitutional rights.

A caller on Rush Limbaugh’s show gets it just right:

Linda from Cooper City, FL:
…I saw Mr. Trump’s Second Amendment comments, and anybody with an ounce of integrity would know that he clearly meant that the Second Amendment supporters can stop Hillary Clinton with their power in the voting booth, nothing else. It’s offensive that they would immediately portray legal gun owners as partial assassins. I’m so sick of the lying media–

Rush Limbaugh: …this tells us much more about what the media thinks of gun owners than what Trump meant gun owners intend to do. You are exactly right, Trump means one thing, but these guys, these people have such a bias and such a prejudice, a bigoted view of gun owners, that they think they use them irresponsibly, everybody’s out there shooting everybody, and that NRA members love it when guns are used for anything. Just like every general loves to go to war and kill people, so do people that have guns, they love gun violence.

And because of this bigotry and this prejudice that they have, a comment like this is made, they never even consider the actual political implication of it, the power of the NRA as a voting bloc. No, no, no, these people are irresponsible, violence-loving, dangerous thugs, which is the point of view that people opposed to the NRA have of them.
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