DEAR HILLARY: This Nation Just Built A WALL To Keep Out MUSLIMS – Are They ‘RACISTS?’

Published on August 28, 2016

Cue the outrage that Norway is racist, and hates Mexicans.

Wait. That doesn’t fit the narrative. Maybe the problem IS the narrative.

See what they’re doing, and whether we can learn something from this example:

Evidently, there is sanity among the Norwegians. They are building a wall/fence to keep out illegal immigrants streaming over from Russia. The Russkies wouldn’t stop it, so Norway has taken the matter into their own hands. They are building a 660 foot long fence on their Arctic border with Russia – it is 11 feet tall. Looks like they value their culture, women and children. No rape games in Norway… so sorry. I hear Europe is up for it though.
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Muslims have been streaming into Norway. Their ‘good neighbor’ Russia was part of the problem … not the solution.

Norway is building a steel fence at its arctic border with Russia after an influx of thousands of refugees last year.

The new fence, which will be around 660 feet long and 11 feet high, will stretch from the Skorskog border point, sources in the Norwegian government told Reuters.

Construction of the fence is due to finish before winter frosts set in, making it harder to enter Norway through the forest.

It’s going up in less than a year, even though they’ve got whiny pansies of their own.

Like this guy:

Linn Landro, of the Refugees Welcome group in Norway, said: “We’ve an obligation to be a country people can flee to.

“The fence sends a very negative signal, including to Russia because it says that ‘we don’t trust you’.” Independent

A sovereign nation can actually CHOOSE what to build on its own damn land whatever the Russians or any other country may think. That includes a big-ass fence.

Guess what? There’s anther Sovereign nation that can learn from this…


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