DEMOCRATS HACKED AGAIN: ‘Guccifer’ Makes Public EVERY House Dem’s Cell Number – I Wonder What Else He Has?

Published on August 13, 2016

Technology bites Dems in the ass again. And now it’s making a serious allegation.

Remember how the Democrats laughed at the GOP for lagging behind and not using technology well? Well, after they got hacked again, who’s laughing now?

If you want the private cell phone number of EVERY house Democrat, it’s available online. And that’s not even the big story.

[Guccifer 2.0] has leaked the email addresses and cell phone numbers of almost every Democrat in the House of Representatives – along with the message claiming the presidential election is being ‘settled behind the scenes.’

It’s the latest cyber-attack on the Democratic party since WikiLeaks published tens of thousands of hacked emails from inside the DNC and Russian hackers apparently broke into the computers of the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Top Democrats have claimed that Russian intelligence is behind the cyber-attacks as part of an attempt to influence the election.

Documents released appear to include information from U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s computer.

Do you think the election could be stolen?

We have Wikileaks giving evidence against them rigging their own Primaries. They’re not above disenfranchising voters.

We have seen someone explaining exactly how, with $15 and a little know-how, you can rig the machines.

Is it too much to think they would try to rig the election itself?

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