DISGUSTING: State Dept’s PHONE Log Show 148 Messages Hillary Doesn’t Want YOU To See

Remember that promise that this would be the most transparent administration ever?

THIS doesn’t exactly look “transparent”.

It looks like Hillary’s got her OWN use for “a pen and a phone”.

A review of State Department phone logs show Clinton Foundation Chief Operating Officer Laura Graham left the messages for Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s State Department chief of staff and confidante, according to Fox News.

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One of those messages referred to “our boss” without any further identification. A second, from January 2012, presumably referred to former President Bill Clinton by his initials. It read, “Please call. WJC is looking for her [Graham] and she wants to talk to you before she talks to him.”
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Who — EXACTLY — is this ‘our boss’ person.

Bill? Soros? Some donor?

Is someone pulling Hillary’s strings?

This is good to know if she’s applying for the job of President.

If strings are being pulled, we should know whose hands they are in.

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