GET BACK: John & Paul Made GREAT Music But Their CHOICE In Women Is PURE Sh*t!

Published on August 18, 2016

We thought John made a bad call with Yoko. Did Paul just one-up him?

Guess who Sir Paul McCartney was seen hob-knobbing with:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.10.25 AM

Did the cameras follow Hillary in there with them? Nope.

Because this wasn’t an official meeting. This was a “private” meeting between friends.

But she’s not an elitist. Right?

McCartney has partied with the Clintons on several occasions in the past.
He played at a party in the Hamptons hosted by Bon Jovi in 2007, USA Today affiliate Asbury Park Press says.

When Clinton was Secretary of State, in 2010, the government agency held a dinner for Kennedy Center honorees. McCartney was included in the group that year.
Earlier this month they both attended a star-studded birthday party for President Barack Obama at the White House. That event was private, too, and it’s unclear if McCartney and Clinton reconnected there.

The White House said in a statement at the time ‘the First Lady is hosting a 55th birthday celebration for the President at the White House.

But of course, this isn’t the FIRST wealthy foreigner she met privately with… is it?

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