‘GIRL Power Hillary’ SNUBS Girl With A GUN Gold Medalist And INSTEAD Praises…

Published on August 9, 2016

How far have Democrats drifted from Good Old American Values? THIS far…

Why praise someone who achieves the highest levels of excellence doing something you detest when you can praise mediocracy and seem “tolerant” for doing it?

When Ibtihaj Muhammad became the first U.S. Olympic athlete to compete wearing her Muslim hijab, the liberals were falling over each other to praise this brave, brave woman.

It turns out that she was eliminated pretty early and won’t get a medal. But … we’re still proud.

Hillary Clinton heaped praise on Muhammad because she’s a politician and pandering is what they do.
Federalist Papers

(And for bonus points, Ibtihaj Muhammad has some ugly things to say about America.)

And when Ginny Thrasher won America its first gold medal?

Hillary had nothing to say. Probably because it involved a gun.

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