GROSS: What Khloe Kardashian Said She’d Do To Bill Might Make You VOMIT

Hey Bill, she’s married AND dating, looks like your kind of woman! Also, she’s a woman.

If the current Clinton scandals aren’t saucy enough, Bill has a real opportunity here for a new sex scandal. Bill wouldn’t even have to force this one…

Khloe posted the TMI on her website.

Look out Hillary Clinton, Khloe Kardashian is after your man.

While playing a game of “F***, Marry, Friend-Zone the star revealed former President Bill Clinton would be her choice to get busy between the sheets with and that she’d marry current POTUS Barack Obama.

George W. Bush unluckily got “friend zoned,” by Khloe as she shared her “new twist” on the game.
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Bill’s not been looking so great these days. Maybe Khloe has a thing for skeletal half-dead looking guys?
Is this guy next?
Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.31.44 AM
He kinda looks like Bill. ‘Silence! I kill you’ Actually, they have quite a bit in common. No matter that Achmed is a puppet, Kloe was playing ‘F***, Marry, Friend-zone’ with Disney princes.

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