GUN GRABBERS: Rules for Obama Vs. Rules for the Little People

Written by Rob Morse on August 2, 2016

What does President Obama do? The President’s children are protected by many men with guns. Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, said the same thing at this year’s national Democrat nominating convention. She said, “Big men with guns take my children to school.” What is good for the Obama family is also good for us and our children. Strangely, some of the speakers at the recent Democrat nominating convention disagreed with our president. Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy said our children should be left unprotected. That is beyond sad or mistaken. That is evil.

Our children are worth protecting.

Democrat Senator Murphy didn’t tell you that schools are a disproportionate target. A quarter of all the active shooter incidents occur in our schools. The Democrat Senator didn’t tell you that too often teachers and staff are already stopping armed murderers with their bare hands. The Senator didn’t tell you that the vast majority of armed attacks are over well before the police ever arrive. Those facts don’t fit the well-funded gun-control narrative.

Let me tell you the truth. Our so called “gun-free” zones attract mass murderers. Too often, the defenders in our schools are disarmed by our own laws. while the crazies and criminals ignore those laws to attack our children precisely because they are defenseless. Our defenders are left barehanded and forced to use improvised weapons to protect our children. They do. They have. They will, and I for one am grateful.

Would you rather the murderer engage a defender or a helpless child? Would you rather the defender is trained and armed… or unarmed? The sooner the attacker is stopped, the fewer children are injured or killed.

Many states already encourage armed teachers in their schools.

Most of the people at the Democrat convention didn’t know that 39 states already allow some legal gun owners to carry on campus. Some states only allow guns in private cars and outside campus buildings. Some states require permission before a concealed carrier can carry on campus or in campus buildings. 9 states already allow a licensed concealed carrier to carry on campus… just as these gun owners carry everywhere else. Senator Murphy didn’t tell us that.

We have already accumulated thousands of man-years of experience with armed teachers carrying on campus. You don’t hear about that in the news… because it works. The experts who study mass violence say that having honest gun owners on campus is the best way to keep our children safe. The President certainly thinks it makes a difference in his children’s safety.

We should protect our children… the same way the President protects his children.

I have to ask you one more serious question. Why didn’t Democrat Senator Murphy tell you these important facts? Why did the news media keep these facts hidden? Our children are too important to leave them victims of Socialist lies.

Image:; Chuck Patch; CC by 2.0

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