Howard “MUSLIM SCHOLAR” Dean Says “Iran Isn’t Islamic”

Written by Andrew Allen on August 7, 2016

Faith-shaming is currently in vogue among liberals. Just ask Tim Tebow. Reveal in any way, shape, or form that you have beliefs that might fall under the heading “Judeo-Christian” and stand-by for all the judgmental objectivism the left can throw your way.

Unless it’s Christmas, or any other Judeo-Christian holiday in which liberals get time off from work or school. Then and only then, they ease up a bit on their denunciations of Christ and the Testaments Old and New. Really, if they hate the Christian faith so much, what are they doing at home celebrating every December 25th?

But it’s not December 25th right now, so amid the efforts by extortionists otherwise known as the Freedom from Religion Foundation – their racket consists of pretending an anonymous resident in some small town objects to a religious display, then threatening to bleed the city coffers dry via the courts until the town removes the display – and the booing of the prayer at the Democrat’s Convention, we get to hear constant faith-shaming.

Except when it comes to Islam.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Howard Dean have all gone on the record to tell us what sorts of behavior are and are not Islamic:

– Whenever there’s been a terror attack, Barack Obama has taken a moment to tell us that ISIS isn’t Islamic.

– Hillary Clinton, the perennial piggy-back rider, has waited for Obama’s commentary to poll and then weighed in accordingly.

– Secretary of Personality John Kerry says whatever Obama says, only he likes to call ISIS “Daesh” because he thinks it makes him appear more worldly than we he speaks broken French, hosts awkward James Taylor sing-a-longs, and wrecks his bike on alpine excursions while cutting nuke deals with the Iranians.

Did someone say Iranians? Howard Dean recently weighed in regarding our new friends in Tehran. According to the former DNC head, Vermont Governor, and Democratic Presidential contender (I feel compelled to cite these things after arguing via social media site Quora with a young man who insisted Dean was a Republican), Iran is “the farthest thing from an Islamic Republic”.

Never mind that the official name of Iran is Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Iran which translates “Islamic Republic of Iran”. Or that the Preamble to their constitution includes the phrase “with the hope that this century will witness the establishment of a universal holy government and the downfall of all others”. Or that Article 2 of their constitution says that the “Islamic Republic” is based on the belief that “there is no God except Allah, His exclusive sovereignty and right to legislate, and the necessity of submission to His commands”.

Howard Dean said Iran isn’t Islamic so Iran can’t be. Just like Daesh can’t be Islamic because Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and every so-called journalist emailing their work off to the DNC for pre-publication revision and/or approval say so.

Dean went on to explain that Iran couldn’t be truly Islamic because they have “one of the worst human rights records in the world” and are “a destructive force in the world”. While it’s absolutely correct to say that Iran’s human rights record is among the worst on earth, and that their global influence has been entirely malevolent – deliberately so given the desired end-state spelled out in their constitution’s preamble – how can Howard Dean judge this theologically?

Howard Dean, like all liberals, is a separation of religion and state kind of guy. Howard Dean isn’t an Imam, and he’s probably not a minister in the United Church of Christ. (Indications are he isn’t a very religious person at all. In an interview, when asked to name his favorite book of the New Testament, Dean offered the Book of Job which comes from the Old Testament and not the New). Educationally speaking, Howard Dean graduated with a BA in Political Science and he later completed medical school. No indications of a budding theologian anywhere in the Howard Dean curriculum vitae.

Rather, like all liberals, Dean assumes that anything non-white and non-western must be inherently good. So it goes, if a nation declares itself to be an Islamic Republic, that nation must be a paragon of every liberal virtue imaginable. The way liberal thinking goes, were Iran authentically Islamic, transgendered people would be using whichever bathroom they wish and gay marriage would be as commonplace as all those stupid liberal memes that The Other 98 Percent publish on Facebook.

In fact, Dean went on to state that the perfected Islamic Republic of Iran would actually be a secularized place full of equality for all.

Similarly, when a state like North Carolina passes a law about pubic bathrooms or tries to regulate abortion, the left shrieks about how the Christianists are terrorizing the downtrodden. Because Christianity is viewed by liberals as white and western.

To suggest any connection between rights, virtue, or morality and basic Judeo-Christian principles is to invite liberals to hurl their usual rhetorical invectives — “fascism”, “racism”, “sexism”, “intolerant”, and so forth.

Next time a liberal chimes in to explain what is and isn’t Islamic, ask them under what authority they make that statement? If they are an elected official, isn’t it outside their purview and their cherished “separation of church and state” to be issuing such edicts? Elected or not, what gives them the right to dictate terms of faith to anyone?

As for me, I’ll wait for a leading Imam to emerge and denounce Iran, ISIS, and all the other Islamic aberrations plaguing our time.

photo credit: Howard Dean Answers a Question from the Audience via photopin (license);Generation Progress

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Andrew Allen
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