KHAN Vs SMITH: Media Bias Case Study

Published on August 5, 2016

By Thomas Victor
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

It is apparent to me that we have a serious problem with the way Mr. Khan’s speech is being covered and praised by both the media and President Obama. By comparison, Patricia Smith’s speech is barely being covered at all and it’s also being ridiculed by those very same people. Aside from the obvious difference in treatment and coverage, I have noticed two very distinct differences between Mr. Khan’s speech and Patricia Smith’s speech.

Let’s put them both into context. Patricia Smith’s speech was a testimonial about Hillary Clinton’s lack of character and truthfulness. It also puts into question how and why her son died. Hillary Clinton is directly attached to her son’s death because Hillary ignored repeated requests for additional security at the Benghazi consulate. These calls were just weeks before the attack occurred. It was her obligation to answer those calls versus ignoring them completely. What a display of gross negligence on Secretary Clinton’s behalf. Hillary Clinton was the one who called for a standdown the night Patricia Smith’s son was killed in Benghazi. There was no military effort or attempt to save her son or the lives of the other men.

We all know the Benghazi attack was reported as a spontaneous uprising due to a You Tube video. We also know this was not accurate and not true, as reported by the Obama administration just days before her son’s funeral. It was a planned terrorist attack that had nothing to do with a video. It was just hours after the attack that Hillary sent an email to her daughter stating that the video had nothing to do with the attack. She told Chelsea that it was a terrorist attack. It didn’t matter because, knowing all this, Hillary Clinton was still blaming a video at Patricia Smith’s son’s funerals. She was perpetuating a lie and false narrative that had already been dismissed by the Obama administration.

To make matters worse, Hillary Clinton is now calling this Gold Star mother a liar about what she said while standing next to her son’s casket. Hillary Clinton has received no ridicule by our president or the national press and media for her shameful and grotesque characterization of a Gold Star mother. Hillary Clinton has since doubled down on her characterization of Patricia Smith by calling her a liar yet again; on the Chris Wallace show this past weekend. Why has our president abandoned Gold Star mother Patricia Smith? Why has the media abandoned Gold Star mother Patricia Smith? Even worse, why have so many on the left and in the media slandered Gold Star mother Patricia Smith?

Mr. Khan’s speech was quite different. Here you have a father telling an incredible story of heroism about his sons sacrifice. No doubt his son is a hero! That being said, Mr. Khan’s son’s death has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump. It was Mr. Khan who invoked Donald Trump’s name and in fact slandered Trump. It was Mr. Khan who retroactively attached his son’s death to a proposed immigration policy of Donald Trump’s. The same immigration policy that had absolutely nothing to do with his son’s incredible act of heroism. Mr. Khan makes the argument that his son would not have had a chance to serve in the US military if Trumps policies were in place, but that is no different than saying had Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policy been in place prior to 9/11 that thousands of people would still be alive. Where is the proportionality in that? Where is the proportionality in Donald Trump’s questioning why his wife stayed silent next to him during his speech versus Hillary Clinton calling a Gold Star mother a liar and confused on national TV? This is the second time Hilary has slandered this gold star mother. There is no proportionality and there is no honesty about what is really going on with our media.

The Democratic left and the Obama administration are in collusion with one another. There is no balance and no fairness on how the two speeches were covered. The truth is that Mr. Khan had to retroactively attach himself to Donald Trump; whereas Hillary Clinton is completely attached to the death of Patricia Smith’s son. The consulate in Benghazi was under her control and surveillance. It is her job to protect it, especially when many cries for help were ignored!

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Thomas Victor is a husband, father, business owner and American patriot.

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