LMAO: In Response To ‘Trump Statue’ – We Give You The ‘HILLARY Statue’ (IT’S BAD!)

Published on August 22, 2016

Brace yourselves… you can never ‘un-see’ this. IT. IS. THE. STUFF. OF. NIGHTMARES.

Riding the coat-tails of the nude Trump micro-penis paintng, a left-wing activist group, INDECLINE, has been having a great time poking fun at Donald Trump by (ahem) erecting nude statues of him in major cities across the U.S.

‘Let’s all have a laugh at the Donald and his itty-bitty wee-wee.’

One Progressive doesn’t think it’s funny:

Marissa Jenae Johnson writes:

To be clear, I love good jokes. I love crude jokes. I love jokes that do what comedy does when it is done well: expose (no pun intended) an oft­ overlooked and harsh reality in our world. But these statues and the joke around them aren’t funny. In fact, they’re harmful. And the desire to attack Trump on baseless, superficial, personal grounds—in conjunction with similar attacks on his base—seems to have more to do with privilege and posturing, than actually paving the way for a world where the marginalized are centered and cared for.
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Well, Ms. Johnson is just gonna LOVE this:

hillary statue meme

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