Michael Phelps LAUGHS During National Anthem – But You’ll LOVE Why

Published on August 10, 2016

And — we have another PhelpsFace. He’s grinning like a maniac in this one, for all the best reasons.

Usually, it would be considered “bad form” to crack up when your country’s anthem is playing.

Even more so when the flag is being raised in honor of your own accomplishments.

But now that we know why he was laughing, we can give him a pass. Here’s the clip:

And the explanation:

As the Baltimore Sun reports, During the medal ceremony, Phelps was emotional, the swell of pride and relief too much to hide. He held back tears as “The Star-Spangled Banner” played. Then the national anthem got to that point in the tune that Baltimoreans at home and abroad, Phelps among them, await with gleeful anticipation. You know the one.

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there …
And then a very Baltimore thing happened.

Apparently, someone in the stands shouted “Oh” during the next line “Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave…”
Allen B West

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