NEWT GINGRICH: Predicts ‘LANDSLIDE’ After Trump Did THIS – Do YOU Agree?

Published on August 19, 2016

Look how close their numbers are before he’s even before he’s begun to hit back. Don’t call it over yet!

After Hillary spent a boatload on advertising, is Trump a shattered wreck? Not at all. SHE is the one who has to take frequent breaks and days off.

But now he’s brought in two new heavyweights. He’s giving speeches that lay out his specific vision. And he’s launched his advertising.

If she hadn’t crushed him when he WASN’T doing any of this, what is she going to do now that his campaign is getting more focussed?

Gingrich was asked about the two new bright lights Trump has added to his campaign.

Gingrich said despite the fact that the new Trump operatives have never been involved in a national campaign, they are capable and will bring a lot to the game.

Gingrich isn’t alone in his thoughts on the election. Many have been wagging tongues that Clinton should be far and away in the lead, yet it is still close. This has many Democrats worried.
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