OBAMA LOVES THUGS: BHO Commutes Another ASTONISHING Amount Of INMATES Bringing The Total To …

Strange priorities, that Obama. He’s happy to target political rivals with the IRS but beats his own record for prison releases.

The kicker? More than one-third of them were serving life sentences.

The new commutations bring his total to 325 in August alone, the most in a single month by any President in history.

Over eight years, Obama has shortened sentences for 673 inmates jailed for largely nonviolent drug offenses, more than the last ten Presidents combined.

He said: ‘We must remember that these are individuals — sons, daughters, parents, and in many cases, grandparents — who have taken steps toward rehabilitation and who have earned their second chance.

‘They are individuals who received unduly harsh sentences under outdated laws for committing largely nonviolent drug crimes.’

[These would include the ‘super-predators’ locked away under Bill Clinton’s legal reforms.]

Super-predators, as in THESE guys:

But the legislation’s supporters have encountered opposition from some Republicans who argue that changes could lead to an increase in crime and pose a greater danger to law enforcement.

Eggleston said Obama considered the individual merits of each application to determine that an applicant is ready to make use of their second chance.

We would note that this is the same Obama that considered the individual merits of releasing Gitmo inmates… the ones who went back to fighting their jihad.

Share if Obama can be counted on to always make the anti-American choice.

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