OMG: This ‘TRUMP 300’ Parody Video Is MAKING People Laugh & TICKING Many Off

It’s “300”. It’s Election 2016. And they’ve got it all packed into one short video.

There are good guys. Bad guys. Triumphs. Betrayals.

…and that’s just the election so far.

See the election retold with the Spartans and Thermopylae as the backdrop. This was the very battle where the world first heard the words Molon Labe!


Fair use credits: (as cited by Wake Up, America FB page)

This is a parody of the movie 300, starring Donald Trump as the Spartan king Leonidas. It is also a stand-alone sequel to our previous video, The Trumpinator.


Share if you think America’s future hinges on this election like Greece’s did in that battle.

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