WUSSIFICATION: France Is TOUGH On Christians But Muslims … Eh … Not So MUCH.

VIDEO: French Police in full Riot gear storm into a church…

(Because France REALLY, REALLY needed a parking lot there.)

Exactly ONE DAY after the mass for the beheaded priest…

Worshippers were dragged out of a Church kicking and screaming by police in riot gear. They were protesting the destruction of the church.

City councillors were among the 30 people who refused to leave.

Here is some of the local reaction:

“I think it’s like killing the priest who died last week for a second time,” one local resident said.

A parking lot is set to be built in place of the church. Parisians also took to Twitter to speak out against the demolition, and to emphasize how symbolic the events look, especially after the chilling murder of the priest last week.

The leader of the right-wing National Front party Marine le Pen has tweeted, “And what if they built parking lots in the place of Salafist mosques, and not of our churches?”
source: rt

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