Published on August 9, 2016

Professional Troll mocks American Athletes — gets beaten like a rented mule.

Some people just cannot shut up. Not if their life depends on it. Not if their career depends on it.

Which it did once. (Flashback: Piers complains he was ‘sacked’ because Anderson Cooper sucks. Not because he was a self-satisfied blowhard.)

He just can’t help himself.

He weighed in on the Olympics. Not to cheer people who could do what he can’t — achieve athletic excellence.

No. He mocked athletes for their success.

It backfired quickly.

Thrasher’s win is the United States first victory in the Olympics in air rifle since 2000. Teams from China, South Korea and Russia have been the more successful teams in shooting competitions over the last few years.
If you really want to hear the least surprising news ever, that already happened back in February of 2014 when it was announced that Piers Morgan would be losing his prime-time show on CNN.

There were others, you can read the rest at Allen B West.

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