QUESTION: Should Hillary Get A GOLD MEDAL For Her Ability To Sling BULLSH*T?

Written by Doug Giles on August 19, 2016

Hillary is deception perfection on steroids, ladies and gents and ‘The Media’ loves it.

After watching Hillary’s Oscar winning performance before The House Select Committee On Benghazi this summer and Comey’s testimony before Congress and how she clearly scared Comey into complicity over her obvious and odious lies regarding #EmailGate, I’m now completely convinced that Hillary could stand naked on the smoldering carcass of Chris Stevens while smoking a fat Bob Marley-sized joint, as she screamed aloud the contents of Mein Kampf, and the Left would hail her a Warrior Poet.

She’s the new Lizard King … she can do anything.

Matter of fact, if I were Satan, I’d start sweating my crimson ass off because The Hildebeest has made the Serpent of Old look like a clunky, overly honest used-car salesmen.

Our Faust is female, y’all.

No one and nothing rattles Hillary. As in no one. As in nada, nothing, zilch, zero, zippo gets under her wrinkled, Bill-averse flesh.

Bow and kiss the ring, peeps, and meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Hillary’s flawless and skillful execution isn’t because she was telling the truth — because she not. She knows she’s peddling lies and everyone and their iguana knew that she she’s been stretching the truth through her Frito Pie-hole. But it doesn’t matter because she does it with such amazing precision. And that’s all that matters in our unfortunate day; namely, an adept ability to con abecedarian Americans.

The only weird moment Hillary had came via that coughing fit during the Benghazi cross, which was completely understandable because one can only spout so much bullshit until it triggers mucus to drain down the back of one’s throat, causing one to cough.

Yep, folks, I obviously think she’s a phenomenal liar and that she’s taken blowing bollocks to an Olympic level that Obama could only dream of. In comparison to and in contrast with Obama’s attempts at regaling us with his gobbledygook, please note that she didn’t have all the “uhs” and and “ums” that accompany the president when he’s slinging hash. Hillary is deception perfection on steroids, ladies and gents and ‘The Media’ loves it.

Matter of fact, I predict salesmen, shady evangelists, “journalists,” members of Congress, psychopaths, mean girls and Facebook stalkers, in days to come, will study her subtleties because what she has wielded is some world-class wiles.

And that’s what our presidency has come down to, folks; namely, the ability to adeptly deceive, blame-shift and bamboozle a daft, distracted and dilatory electorate. And if one has, like Hillary has, a demonic ability to spin, coupled with an adoring media that’ll run interference for you, then boom! You’re our next president.

Finally, and hopefully, God willing, I’m wrong. But if you under-estimate this old chick and the nefarious forces behind her, then you do it to our nation’s detriment.

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