QUESTION: Why Is Hillary Wearing THIS In Frickin’ August?

Last time we checked it was still summer. What’s with her coat?

Rudy Giuliani continues to assert that Hillary looks sick. On Fox & Friends this morning, the former Mayor of New York shared his thoughts:

‘I think Hillary’s tired,’ Giuliani said, pointing to a meeting the Democrat held with police chiefs from around the country on Thursday in New York City, where she was seated throughout the discussion.

Giuliani called the meeting ‘pathetic,’ adding, ‘She looked sick.’

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… Talking to Shannon Bream on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ Giuliani suggested that the media was covering up ‘several signs of illness’ that he believed the former secretary of state was displaying.
‘All you have to do is go online,’ Giuliani said yesterday. ‘Go online and put down “Hillary Clinton’s illness.” Take a look at the videos for yourself.’
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Take a look at the coat…

Hillarys coat

At ClashDaily, we have some ideas on why she would be wearing an item from the Fall/Winter line:

– to keep Zika mosquitos from sucking what’s left of her blood from her shrinking, soulless, carcass.

– to hide IV needle marks

– when you’re old as Moses you get cold easy.

– all the extra pockets to put Radical Muslim checks in after speech

– the deep pockets allow for two big ass bottles of vodka to be stashed

– creatively trying to cover up her scandals

– she’s so fashion forward she’s skipped over a whole season

– she’s lined it with her emails and wants to keep them close by

– she’s dressing like her people — old, evil and wrinkly… with a COAT! (Dr. Evil, Emperor Palpatine, Cruella DeVille)

– sunlight adversely affects her scales

– covering up to pander to the Muslim vote

– vampires shouldn’t be out in sunlight

Share your favorite of these suggestions and add YOUR ideas in the comments below!

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