QUESTION: Islamic Mag Calls For The DESTRUCTION Of Christianity, Are YOU Ready To Pound Them Into OBLIVION?

Published on August 3, 2016

“Religion of Peace” makes bold challenge to West. Is this the announcement that will make Europe finally take notice?

How many times have you heard Islamist apologists saying that ISIS isn’t really about religion? Or it’s a “perversion” of Islam? Or that it’s REALLY about a lack of opportunity, poverty or some other social ill that (if you really get down to it) is OUR fault.

“Blame the victim.”

Well, it seems nobody told ISIS that.

They think this is a war. Explicitly a war between Christianity and Islam. They want a rematch of the Battle of Tours, where Charles “the Hammer” Martel smashed their Islamic invasion force and sent them packing.

(See here if you want proof)

Here it is in their own rambling words:

The article states: “[Christians] have the option of trying to cling to the transient luxuries of this life, rejecting the truth in favour of either paying jizyah [tax] to the Islamic State or continuing to wage a futile war against it.

“Alternatively, they can heed the warning of Allah that the worldly life is not guaranteed even for those who pursue it at the expense of their salvation, and thus choose to embrace Islam, champion the truth, attain the mercy of their Lord, and enter the Gardens of Paradise.”
Source: Express

What a deal! Adopt their bass-ackward 7th-century warlord’s rulebook and get what… Mercy… gardens of paradise…

Must be one a helluva god. Look at the amazing culture his people bring everywhere they go. Even the mannequins get groped.

Is it ok if we send our RSVP via Drone Strike?

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