QUESTION: ‘Offended’ GOP ‘Leaders’ Sign Letter Crapping On Trump … Are They PUNKS, Or What?

Published on August 12, 2016

They want Preibus to do WHAT?

Sure they were cheering for a different candidate — ANY other candidate, really — but at some point there is a line between standing on principle, and sabotaging your party. Is THIS that line?

Better question, will the GOP be able to survive this civil war?

It turns out some Republicans are offended:


The letter from 70+ staffers and elected officials urges Preibus to stop funding Trump’s campaign, and send that money to the other races.

It lists a string of problems with Trump’s campaign, including his many controversial remarks, his refusal to release tax returns and his claim that he may not uphold NATO treaty requirements.

‘We believe that Donald Trump’s divisiveness, recklessness, incompetence, and record-breaking unpopularity risk turning this election into a Democratic landslide, and only the immediate shift of all available RNC resources to vulnerable Senate and House races will prevent the GOP from drowning with a Trump-emblazoned anchor around its neck,’ says a draft form of the letter.

‘This should not be a difficult decision, as Donald Trump’s chances of being elected president are evaporating by the day.’

It adds Trump’s actions, such as attacking Gold Star families, praising dictators and calling on Russia to find Clinton’s missing emails, have ‘alienated millions of voters of all parties.’

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