QUESTION: Will The Two Greatest VILLAINS OF The Obama Era Be THESE Two Men?

Published on August 31, 2016

There are so many options to choose from. But will these two surpass the others?

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Michael Walsh addresses that question in his new book, ‘The Devil’s Pleasure Palace’.

An excerpt from Breitbart’s Review:

More than anything, the book is about story telling, how the “Unholy Left” — radicals, not run-of-the-mill liberals — have changed mankind’s story, our narrative, that is, by our nature, heroic. The story of Western civilization, indeed the story of every man, is a venturing forth into horrifying danger, facing it down, and finding salvation. Or not. The critical theory of the Frankfurt School has deliberately taken away our story, and many of us have been utterly lost with many more to follow.

Walsh writes, “Make no mistake: The crisis in which the Unites States of America currently finds itself enmeshed is a moral crisis, which has engendered a crisis of cultural confidence, which in turn has begotten a fiscal crisis that threatens — no guarantees — the destruction of the nation should we fail to address it.”

It is likely you have never or only vaguely heard about cultural Marxism. You may have never known that it was critical theory your professors ladled out to you, or how it poisoned you. But now you know, and Walsh would say your job is as simple as World War II; find “Berlin” and destroy it. He calls all men of goodwill, conservatives of whatever stripe, to band together to defeat the Cultural Marxists now commanding the heights and threatening us all.

Michael A. Walsh’s The Devil’s Pleasure Palace deserves a wide audience, especially among patriots.

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