RACE BAITING IS EXPENSIVE: Mosby’s Anti-Cop WITCH Hunt Cost Police Union This CHUNK Of Change

Published on August 1, 2016

Mosby’s Social Justice Crusade came with a heavy price.

Guess how much the Police Union is on the hook for?

Initial estimates had put the cost for the 6 teams of lawyers over $1 million.

The cost to the city of Baltimore was $450,000.

Remember those six police officers charged over the death of Freddie Gray? Remember how experts from day one objected, thinking it was a show trial, with no substance or merit?

Crusading for “justice” for a favorite PC cause comes with a price. In this case, it hit the police union pocketbook.

The ONLY reason the police union isn’t actually bankrupt is because police officers doubled their dues.

This is directly Mosby’s fault.

The prosecution also cost the city of Baltimore almost half a million dollars. What do they have to show for it? Bupkis.

Some will argue that even though the prosecutions were spectacularly unsuccessful, they were worth the price because the facts became known to the public and some level of closure was achieved. I understand the argument, but strongly disagree with it.

The hammer of the state’s criminal process should be used only to pursue justice (actual justice, not “social justice”). It shouldn’t be used to shed light, achieve closure, or (more to the point here) pacify a mob.

The facts of the Freddie Gray matter could have been brought to light through a careful, thorough, and fair investigation. Such an investigation would have made clear, just as the trial of Caesar Goodson did, that there was no evidence of Gray being given a “rough ride.” It would have shown that the arrest of Gray was reasonable. It would have shown that any negligence on the part of any officer resided in the decision not to restrain Gray with a seat belt. As the trial judge explained, this is ordinary, not criminal, negligence.
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