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Reporter Asks Milwaukee Moron WHY He’s Rioting, His Answer Will STUN You

Behold! The twisted lovechild of BLM and Bernie Sanders.

What do a cop car, a gas station and a beauty supply store have in common?

They were all destroyed in reaction to the death of an armed Milwaukee thug.

At least… his death was the EXCUSE for the uprising. But to hear some of these nutless wonders tell it, there is an underlying cause much deeper than that.


Wait, what?

They’ve got all this money and they aren’t giving it to anyone.

Does anyone remember when the Occupy Movement (maybe this guy was there, who knows?) was demanding that coporate wealth be shared with “the people” (a process known to the rest of us as “the Stock Market). They wanted other peoples’ stuff. Because they deserved a cut, somehow.

And then someone’s Macbook went missing, and a police report was filed. Because “don’t take my stuff”.

See the irony? The same thing would apply here.

He wants Whitey’s stuff.

Would a homeless person get to ask for this Moron’s, stuff too?

By the exact same logic? Yes. But don’t expect our moron here to agree.

It’s called a double-standard. Liberals excel at them.

Share if it will take something MORE than Free SH*T to fix this problem.

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