SCARY GARY: Here’s The TOP 5 Reasons Libertarians SHOULDN’T Vote for Johnson

Published on August 28, 2016

Hey, Libertarians: Gary Johnson is your candidate BUT, have you considered THESE 5 things?

Gary Johnson says some things that don’t sound very Libertarian, and ignores some things that a ‘good’ Libertarian should.

Here’s a quick and dirty list:

1. Hasn’t Mentioned the Non-Aggression Principle
How can Americans embrace the Libertarian Party if they do not hear about the wonders of the core philosophical tenet?
2. Refusal to Indicate a Desire to End Public Roads
A libertarian correspondent was able to catch up with Johnson to ask him if he would pass a 28th amendment to the Constitution prohibiting the funding of these perilous pathways. Johnson, taken aback at the comment, said “probably not.”
3. Hasn’t Made Blood Oath to Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard
Any time someone wishes to adorn him or herself with the “Libertarian” banner, being fully committed to these men is just a given.
4. Something About Baking Cakes, I Guess
Though no commentators or onlookers were able to appreciate the nuance of [Rand] Paul’s position [having an honest discussion about public accommodation laws] and understand that he was not racist, things would definitely be different if Johnson took aim at such laws this time.

Read the ClashDaily article about Johnson and cakes here.

5. Has Raised the Profile of the Libertarian Party
By having a presidential ticket of former two-term governors, the Libertarian Party runs a serious risk of adding credibility to its brand and winning electoral votes.
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