Thanks, Merkel! The Parasite Problem That’s SWEEPING Germany … Is America NEXT?

Published on August 18, 2016

It’s gonna take something better than bug spray to deal with this one.

Is “parasite” unfair? Would you prefer “leech”?

What would YOU call someone who moved into your home, expected food and shelter, and refused to contribute in any way? Freeloader? Fine, let’s go with that.

Then Germany’s got a “Freeloader” problem.

They seem to believe they are living in Germany as an invited guest.

And really — who asks a guest to do the housework or pay the bills?

It all started when Germany had the gall to think their houseguests might like to — you know– work for a living.

According to mayor Bernd Pohlers of the eastern town of Saxony Waldenburg, the asylum seekers refused to accept the work that was offered to them after they arrived in the country.

The local council spent £600 arranging for the men to have uniforms but were stunned when they were told they would not complete it because they were “guests of Angela Merkel”.

…all of the male residents of the local refugee accommodation who initially agreed to get involved in the charitable activities quit after discovering there was a minimum wage £7.30 (€8.50) in Germany.

The men had been picked up and offered transportation from their paid-for housing where they are also given food and then dropped home.

Mayor Pohlers said: “It was subsequently argued by these people that they are guests of Mrs. Merkel and guests do not have to work.

“Furthermore, they were of the opinion that there is a minimum wage (€8.50) in Germany, and that this had to be paid by the City Waldenburg.”
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These are the people that Hillary and Obama are desperate to import at a breakneck pace.

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