TRUMP SAYS: Peeps ‘Without ID Will VOTE 10 Times’ … Is That POSSIBLE?

Published on August 3, 2016

After Wikileaks busted Hillary for fixing her own party’s election, Trump twists the knife in a weak spot. #VoterFraud

Over the last two weeks, courts have dealt setbacks to voter ID laws in several states. Critics of photo ID requirements say they fall disproportionately on minority voters and the poor.

Trump says without voter ID, “people are going to walk in, they are going to vote 10 times maybe. Who knows?”
Source: Breitbart

What is the real reason people hate voter id laws? Is it because it excludes poor minority voters from voting? Well, that would be pretty stupid since you need ID for unemployment or food stamps. Is that racist? What about all these OTHER things you need ID for?

There must be some other reason.

Could it have something to do with THIS story about hundreds of dead voters who vote YEAR AFTER YEAR?

Or 8 Texas counties with more voters than residents?

Of the Obama voter that bragged about voting 4 times, and planned to vote a fifth?

Here’s a handy reference guide to some of the (known) voting scandals since 2000. (It’s FAR too long to cite here)

Is voter ID racist, or it is necessary to secure fair elections? It can’t be both.

Next time you’re talking to a race-baiter who calls ID racist, ask him to identify the man in THIS picture:

Share if the Dems would GLADLY disenfranchise voters for political gain.